Leadership Takeaways from Young Rwandan Women

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As the summer concludes, I thought it would be fitting to end by showing a few short clips from my trip last month to Rwanda.

These young women students at the Akilah Institute for Women inspired me beyond words; they have withstood immeasurable challenges, and have a lot to share about what is possible with vision, focus, and dedication and support.

I had the opportunity to serve as Guest Lecturer to the Foundation B students; young women whose English language skills were newly developing.

My intention was to share the foundations of the Step Up Leader approach to leadership with these women.  We looked at leadership through the lens of integration; emotions, body, language and commitment.

In their own words, here are a few of their leadership takeaways:

Leadership is lived in each moment; in each decision we make about how we will be with ourselves and with others.

Thanks to the Akilah students, we know what is possible for all of us.


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