Leadership Lessons from an Exceptional Rwandan

This week we feature leadership wisdom from an extraordinary young Rwandan woman, Nadine Niyitegeka. She is a staff member and graduate of The Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda. Nadine has been touring the U.S. for 9 months as an Akilah Ambassador, representing her alma mater and her country. Nadine is one of those remarkable […]

Leadership Takeaways from Young Rwandan Women

As the summer concludes, I thought it would be fitting to end by showing a few short clips from my trip last month to Rwanda. These young women students at the Akilah Institute for Women inspired me beyond words; they have withstood immeasurable challenges, and have a lot to share about what is possible with […]

More Reflections about Rwanda: A Country’s Leadership Journey

This is the second part in my series about Rwanda and its leadership journey. (If you missed the first part, click here.) Here are a few of my observations on key influences for the country’s current success. 1. Stewardship of natural resources; effective planning and implementation Plastic bags are banned in Rwanda, so there is […]

Reflections about Rwanda: A Country’s Leadership Journey – Part 1

When I visited Rwanda this last month, my primary purpose was to deepen my connection to the Akilah Institute for Women. My blog post, “More Leadership Lessons from Rwanda” focused on how they were taking our Step Up Leader principles and integrating them into their world. This week and next, I will share my impressions […]

Leadership in The Mirror

I often write about leadership from the perspective of emerging women leaders from Rwanda. This is possible because due to my deep involvement with the Akilah institute; I am afforded the honor of hosting two young women annually when they visit the U.S. as part of the Akilah Institute for Young Women “Metropolitan Safari Tour.” […]