WE: Men, Women and the Decisive Formula for Winning at Work

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of a new book by my friend and colleague, Rania Anderson. WE:  Men, Women and the Decisive Formula for Winning at Work, published by Wiley, is a major contribution to helping men and women succeed in our new economy.   As companies increasingly rely on men and women to work […]

Are Your Leadership Blind Spots In the Way of Your Future?

Before entering the field of professional coaching, I was searching for the next step in my professional career.   I scheduled conversations with friends and colleagues to discuss my interests, while soliciting suggestions.  Thankfully, a friend recommended I read the book Presence, by Peter Sengue of M.I.T.  I read the book, and upon finishing confidently declared: […]

Leadership Lessons from an Exceptional Rwandan

This week we feature leadership wisdom from an extraordinary young Rwandan woman, Nadine Niyitegeka. She is a staff member and graduate of The Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda. Nadine has been touring the U.S. for 9 months as an Akilah Ambassador, representing her alma mater and her country. Nadine is one of those remarkable […]

Leadership Takeaways from Young Rwandan Women

As the summer concludes, I thought it would be fitting to end by showing a few short clips from my trip last month to Rwanda. These young women students at the Akilah Institute for Women inspired me beyond words; they have withstood immeasurable challenges, and have a lot to share about what is possible with […]

More Reflections about Rwanda: A Country’s Leadership Journey

This is the second part in my series about Rwanda and its leadership journey. (If you missed the first part, click here.) Here are a few of my observations on key influences for the country’s current success. 1. Stewardship of natural resources; effective planning and implementation Plastic bags are banned in Rwanda, so there is […]