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12-12-12Today is 12.12.12.

The number twelve plays a unique role in human history.

Here are a few:

My top 12Given the auspicious nature of today’s date, take a few minutes (more than 12!) to reflect on these questions, and how they can improve you as a leader:

What are my top 12 accomplishments for 2012?

  1. What are 12 things I am most grateful for from 2012?

  2. What are the 12 things I could still do in 2012 to wrap up on a positive, high note?

  3. Who are 12 people I want to reach out to and thank for their help in 2012?

  4. What are 12 lessons I learned in 2012 that influenced me?

  5. What are the 12 things I need to share with my co-workers that could make their job and life easier?

  6. What 12 books did I read in 2012 that deserve to be shared?

  7. What are the 12 best websites I discovered in 2012?

  8. If I were to change 12 habits from 2012, I would change….

  9. What are the 12 most important issues I focused on in 2012?

  10. What would it take for me to create 12 more minutes of doing what I love in my day?

  11. What are the 12 things I haven’t ever said in 2012 that I need to say before the year ends?

The simple act of taking a few minutes to reflect on your “12’s” can be a powerful learning moment.  Whatever you discover, it will lead you to discover how to build on what worked.  If you share it, another person may learn or take inspiration. That will make 12.12.12 one to remember.

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