My Top 5 Leadership Priorities List for 2021


Happy 2021! Although the new year is just beginning, it’s clear that we are in a time of extraordinary change. The rapid adjustments brought on by the global pandemic last year affected all of us.  Our workplaces, our homes, our schools—all were disrupted, and then, quickly re-configured.  We have proven that we can adjust to […]

How Gratitude Can Transform Your Leadership and Influence

It’s that time of year.  The fall harvest holidays are almost upon us.  It is a time when we place our attention on who and what makes us thankful. Are we also aware of the importance of gratitude in our everyday role as leaders? According to an article in The Harvard Health Newsletter, (Nov. 2011), […]

Are your moods and emotions helping or hurting your influence?

Emotional awareness matters a lot because many people are simply unaware of the moods and emotions they are holding; therefore the emotions and moods are holding them. For example, think of your moods and emotions as a wardrobe.  You prefer certain colors, styles, and weights.  When you enter your closet you consider the weather, season, […]

Are You an Emotionally Competent Leader?

The emotionally competent leader is responsible for the promises that are made within an organization.  Our actions come out of our cares and commitments.  These are all expressed through our conversations. The head of the organization is responsible for creating the safe space that allows for effective conversations to take place. For conversations to be […]

Be a Leader Who Can Soar Beyond the Score!

It’s good to be back again writing these columns!  2017 proved to be quite a year; I prioritized mid-way through that these posts were discretionary, so I took a break from them.    The world kept spinning on its axis, (and I spun on my own).   I missed the process of distilling relevant ideas for leaders […]