My Top 5 Leadership Priorities List for 2021


Happy 2021!

Although the new year is just beginning, it’s clear that we are in a time of extraordinary change. The rapid adjustments brought on by the global pandemic last year affected all of us.  Our workplaces, our homes, our schools—all were disrupted, and then, quickly re-configured.  We have proven that we can adjust to massive change.  Many of us have settled in to the changes we have made, and actually prefer our new ways.

Research shows that the organizations of today were configured from the perspective of a world that is unlike the one we are in now.  The old, outdated models are not serving us any longer.

leadersBased on the research, here is my list of what leaders should be focusing on this year:

  1. The pace of change requires collaboration and trust among individuals, not just “star” performance from a few. Make sure that you and your organization are investing time and resources in to develop teams that are able to operate in a volatile, complex and uncertain environment.  This doesn’t happen by accident, and it can be developed and nurtured.
  2. There is a talent and skills gap in many areas. You can’t always find and hire to fill needs.  Invest in developing and cultivating the talent within your organization already. Offer them training, coaching, group learning, and other ways of developing themselves as emerging leaders.  Such an investment is one of the best things you will ever make in your organization.
  3. The new paradigm with more remote and online work requires leaders to work effectively through “influence.” This set of leadership competencies will be the currency of effective 21st century leaders.
  4. Leaders are needing to be responsive to larger societal agendas. The millennials are a large demographic that are shaping our workforce.  They seek more flexibility and work/life balance, and seek purpose, perhaps more than profits.  Organizations that hire and retain them will need to adapt and flex in order to have a competitive edge.
  5. The rapid change in technology requires a digitally literate workforce who can learn and adapt, while also offering exceptional customer or client value. Organizations will benefit from making these a part of employee performance management, and helping employees develop their own “educational” plan for acquiring and using skills.

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