Employee Engagement Crisis: What Leaders Can Do Right Now

This week I was privileged to assist a leadership team of a start-up company in an off-site. These folks work all over the country, and rarely have opportunities to engage with one another in the same room.  I enjoy these days immensely, mainly because facilitating a team of high-powered individuals is both challenging and rewarding.  […]

Why Leadership Training Fails: A Two-Part Exploration

It’s almost November-often a time when companies focus on budgeting for the next fiscal year.  What about training and development?  As a consultant and coach, I often hear: “We’ve spent lots of money on training, and after it’s done, nothing has changed.”  If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.  In the October 2016 issue of […]

How Do You Manage in the Gray?

This week’s Step Up Leader Tips borrows from Leading Blog.  We outline an approach to a common leadership conundrum:  How To Manage in the Gray? Leadership today requires more than ever before.  Leaders need to make decisions based on facts, and to discern the difference between opinion and fact.  They need to analyze what is […]

What Does it Mean to Be a Balanced Leader?

Welcome to 2016!  This month we address a topic often longed for in the first month of the New Year:  Balance.  After the hectic holiday season and as the first few days of the calendar unfold,  many of us desire to create something different.  One word I often hear is “balance”. We write the words “create more […]

Are You Leading with “Freedom From” or “Freedom To?”

This week’s Step Up Leader Tips is inspired by Leading Blog, as I often hear from clients “How things will be better or different when I am free from….”. The problem with that approach is that although we think we would be better off if our obstacles were removed, the evidence suggests the contrary. Michael […]