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It’s good to be back again writing these columns!  2017 proved to be quite a year; I prioritized mid-way through that these posts were discretionary, so I took a break from them.    The world kept spinning on its axis, (and I spun on my own).   I missed the process of distilling relevant ideas for leaders and influencers, and received some feedback that others missed them too.  So, I’m back to wrap up the year.  In 2018, we’ll launch with bi-weekly columns.

I typically work with Founders and CEO’s of entrepreneurial, high-growth companies.  My clients possess vision, intelligence, curiosity, industry and competitive knowledge, determination, drive, and grit.  What makes moving from a very small entity to building a first-level leadership team so difficult?

I like to use the analogy of an orchestra conductor.


The conductor has the overall vision of the composer; knows how the music should sound.  She also knows that her job is to make all the different sounds harmoniously.    A conductor isn’t expected to play the part of every instrument personally, although she has to know how those instruments conduct sound.  A conductor is supposed to help the different sections play well among themselves, and also to help the sections play well as a whole.  If sections can’t hear or listen to one another, the ultimate product, music quality, suffers.

So it is with organizations.  According to Steve Sims, Founder of Bluefish, “There’s a Password for Every Door.”  Bluefish is a company that creates extraordinary experiences for clients who imagine them.  In December 11th’s Leading Blog, he writes, “It’s not about how much you know. “I don’t need to know how to do the whole event,” says Sims. “The first thing I need to know is which things I can’t do. The next thing is to find those people who can do what I can’t. I just find the ones who are good enough at doing what I can’t to make me look brilliant.”

Entrepreneurs should take note:

You shouldn’t try to do everything, just “be able to magnificently orchestrate those who can.” You grow by giving others responsibility. “There’s a difference between being able to do everything and doing everything.”


Lead the orchestra. “All you want is to find a whole bunch of people with unique abilities, all with their own 5 percent traits or skill that no one else can do. That’s how you build up an irreplaceable team. A dream team.  Don’t spend time on things that slow you down.”

I help clients learn how to become the orchestra conductors in their organizations.   We have a proven process to help visionary leaders build and scale, including the critical task of attracting the right talent to the right role.

For leaders who wish to grow, this could be music to your ears!

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