The High-Stakes Game of Orchestrating Leadership

As Founders and CEO’s of entrepreneurial, high-growth companies, my clients possess vision, intelligence, curiosity, industry and competitive knowledge, determination, drive, and grit.  What makes moving from a very small entity to building a first-level leadership team so difficult? I like to use the analogy of an orchestra conductor. The conductor has the overall vision of […]

Do You Draw the Target Before You Shoot? Do You Create Clarity?

I’m working with a number of my clients on creating clarity.  Why?  Because clarity is the first step towards alignment, and alignment is critical to leadership success. In Leading Blog, Mark Miller writes:  “I saw a cartoon years ago in which Charlie Brown shot an arrow at a fence and then proceeded to draw a […]

How Do You Manage in the Gray?

This week’s Step Up Leader Tips borrows from Leading Blog.  We outline an approach to a common leadership conundrum:  How To Manage in the Gray? Leadership today requires more than ever before.  Leaders need to make decisions based on facts, and to discern the difference between opinion and fact.  They need to analyze what is […]

Is Your Leadership In The Right Gear? Part 2

Last week, Step Up Leader Tip borrowed a Leading Blog post on a topic that is fundamental to effective leadership and living:  presence.  How many times do we notice that we are physically here but our mind is somewhere else?   This is a symptom of the inability to be present, without which connection with […]

Are You a Full Power Leader?

I am intrigued by a new book, “Power Score“, by Geoff Smart, Randy Street and Alan Foster that was recently reviewed on Leading Blog here Are You Running at Full Power?. It explores the key factors that determine performance. Based upon research with other 15,000 careers and 9 million data points, in every major industry, […]