How Clear is Your Vision, Really?

I am privileged to work with entrepreneurs; Founders, CEO’s and their leadership teams.  I truly cherish the opportunity to help leaders bridge critical gaps in performance.  I enjoy helping them go “from where they are” to “where they want to be.” One critical gap I often see is when leaders need to transition from a […]

Leadership coach zeroes in on Zen for clients — and it works

Listening tops the list of Susan Freeman’s must-dos. by: Mark Gordon | Managing Editor Business Observer | Link to Original Article About a decade ago, when Susan Freeman decided she wanted to be a leadership consultant and executive coach, essentially a third, or even fourth, career, she had one overarching worry. Freeman started her business […]

Why Coaching Should be in Your Essential Pandemic Survival Tool Kit

We are in a time of great chaos. The changes brought to us through the Covid-19 pandemic happened very rapidly, and we had little time to prepare. We now see that the adjustments we have made are more than temporary—they will certainly be here for the for-seeable future, with many rounds of modifications over the months to […]

Resilience in Times of Uncertainty: A Multi-Disciplinary Panel

We are in the midst of a once in a century shift. The Covid-19 Pandemic is testing us in ways we’ve never been tested, and over an extended and likely length period of time.  Almost overnight, our ways of living and working have been upended.  We don’t know what will be on the other side… I believe we […]

Are Your Managers Really Coaching?

I often hear folks speak about how they’re “coaching” others, whether it be kids, colleagues, or direct reports, and feel compelled to weigh in. Coaching, to be effective, is a very specific relationship, marked by a specific type of communication. According to an August 14, 2018 Harvard Business Review article by Julia Milner:  “managers tend […]