Why Coaching Should be in Your Essential Pandemic Survival Tool Kit

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We are in a time of great chaos. The changes brought to us through the Covid-19 pandemic happened very rapidly, and we had little time to prepare. We now see that the adjustments we have made are more than temporary—they will certainly be here for the for-seeable future, with many rounds of modifications over the months to come.

It can be tempting during this time to contract – ourselves and our organizations. We believe we are “preserving” our resources for the future. On the surface this understandable. Yet I am of the belief that this is not a time to be looking at coaching as an expense to be “eliminated.”   Rather, it is a time to explore coaching as one of the best investments you can make in order to have a competitive leadership edge through this pandemic.

What makes me make such a bold claim?

What matters most now is “survival of the most adaptable.” Coaching helps leaders develop and strengthen their adaptability muscles.  Research shows that when the brain is flooded with stress chemicals, empathy can get blocked. Stress makes it difficult to think creatively. Coaching helps reduce the impact of stress on the nervous system.

While people may not have the capacity to set big goals or have the drive to carry all of them out, coaches can help people figure out what they can do.

Ann Betz and William Arruda have compiled a list of the “Top Ten Reasons Why You and Your Organization Need Coaching Now More Than Ever.” Here they are:

  1. Professional Coaching contains many tools and techniques that are scientifically proven to reduce stress.
  2. Coaching helps people make sense of what is going on. This helps prevent crashing or denying our worry fear and stress and turning them into health issues and other negative impacts.
  3. Coaching helps people develop their own resilience even when the external landscape is challenging. They will feel as if they have more control in a world that feels uncontrollable.
  4. Coaching investments pay off in terms of larger gains. Professional coaching aims to get at least a 4-5X return on investment. 
  5. Giving managers and leaders coaching provides a noticeable ripple effect. When leaders are calm, thoughtful, and emotionally regulated, it positively impacts others around them.
  6. Coaching helps people navigate change effectively. Clients learn to express what they desire to create and to take an active role in that creation.
  7. Coaching is a proven retention strategy. Developing and retaining talent is a competitive edge for any business. All businesses are going to have to rethink their model and structure going forward. Investing in your talent is good business sense.
  8. Coaching helps people get unstuck. What we need most right now is flexibility and creativity. Coaching invites clients to identify what is preventing them from getting the outcomes they desire, and to plan and act differently.
  9. Coaching helps clients think through bigger picture items this crisis has created. Coaches hold space for reflection on purpose, values, and making meaning of our work and our lives.
  10. Coaching is a proven technique to help navigate change successfully!

We invite your comments here. For more information on how we can support you and your organization during these challenging times, visit me at Step Up Leader. 

Wishing you well-being in the meantime.

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