2000 Thoughts Per Hour

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2000 thoughts per hourAre you aware that your brain is generating approximately 2000 thoughts per hour or 24,000 thoughts per day?  Just thinking about all those thoughts is exhausting!

The truth is that most of those thoughts are chewing up valuable energy by focusing on either the past or the future.  In fact, 90% of all thought is generated at the subconscious level, leaving 10% of it for conscious, rational engagement.  If you allow yourself to be chased by all those thoughts, your “monkey-mind” will run you ragged, up and down and in and out of everywhere but what really matters, which is the present moment.  And, you are leaving 90% to unconscious, repetitive habits!

 Instead of focusing on how busy, over-committed and overwhelmed you are, what about focusing on the one big “why.”

Why is it that you are doing what you are doing?

 Who is it serving?

What do you care about?

Get centeredCommit to three big things maximum that you will accomplish per day.  Then focus on progressing through a high-impact action on each of them; one that will move forward and is in alignment with your big “why.”

Before getting going on the above, commit to the most essential practice of all; centering yourself.  From a centered place you can quiet the monkey mind, envision the actions that will move you forward, ask for support in an effective way, and much more.

In fact, everything you look for you already have inside of you.

Along with the 2000 thoughts an hour.

The choice is yours.

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