The THREE Things Busy Entrepreneurs Must Do No Matter What This Month

running towards goals

Vision. Plan. Action.

Miss any one of these three things busy entrepreneurs must do no matter what and you’ll likely end up somewhere different than you expected. Let’s explore the gritty truth about the three simple (but not easy) pieces you need to get where you really want to go.

From every day “to-do” lists to New Year’s Resolutions, goal setting is part of the human experience. Goal setting helps focus energy and effort.

Yet, if goal setting is so ingrained in our nature, what makes it so ineffective? Seeing the pattern with many clients over the years, I believe it has something to do with the way we approach it.

It has to do as much with what we don’t do, as what we actually do. Try the following ideas to gain a fresh perspective on setting your goals.


How to Get Better at Setting (and Reaching) Goals


• Asking “Why do I want this?” “How will I feel?” “What will it mean to me?” clarifies and personalizes goals, making them easier to achieve. Knowing your big “why” will motivate you and pull you forward when things get tough. Feel it. Does it resonate inside of you? Communicating that to others makes it even stronger.


Sharpen your pencil and write them down. When written down, priorities get clear. If the goals aren’t worth the time or effort to record, they’re not worth the time and effort of achieving.
Size matters. Too many big goals can overwhelm. Incorporating the “half marathon approach” (starting small) helps “build the muscles” necessary for bigger challenges. Try limiting big-ticket goals to one or two.
Create a supportive environment. A physical environment can remind you how daily tasks add up to achieving longer-term goals. Use posters or a computer calendar to create visual reminders.


Stay on course. Even Columbus referred to his maps more than once per journey. Periodic checking of progress allows for re-charting the course or timeline. Take a look at what de-rails you and ask for support in those areas.
Put it on the line. Share your goals publicly or at least to another trusted colleague or advisor.
Get help. Success is always easier (and more fun) with good support. Talking to people about business and personal goals gets them on board and helps remind you of what you declared.

Are you doing what you say you are committed to?

Are you doing it consistently?

What are the things that often get in your way?

Look for patterns and similarities. They are there for all of us. Sometimes it’s hard to see them.

Commit to Vision, Plan and Action This Year for YOUR Best Year Ever.

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