What’s Your Leadership Mojo When It Comes to Change?

I was recently privileged to hear a live coaching call between a Master Coach and an Executive Vice President in a large corporation.  The purpose of the call was to let experienced coaches observe different styles of clients and coaching for the sake of improving our effectiveness.  I take these training calls monthly, and always […]

Are You Leading in Innovation?

Today’s leaders are pre-occupied with innovation, and rightfully so.  With a rapidly changing landscape, companies who lead in innovation are likely to survive and thrive.  Vijay Govindarajan, a leading business school Professor and author developed a simple, yet effective approach to leading innovation.  For 35 years, he has used the Three Box Solution framework in working […]

What’s Your Leadership Return?

This week’s Step Up Leader Tips borrows from Leading Blog’s “Return on Character” post. We live in an age where wisdom is only wisdom if it is supported by numbers. There are two obvious problems with this. First, we miss a lot because we are looking for immediate return. And so it puts our focus on […]

Listen, Learn and Live With a Difference in 2015!

This week I invite you to join me in the complimentary Catapult Your Career Success Summit, hosted by Linda Cattelan. The Summit runs from Jan. 20-31. Recordings are available for 72 hours after each speaker’s session or can be purchased for use at any time. I am delighted to be included in the event, on […]

Gratitude as a Leadership Practice

This week I had an opportunity to reflect about gratitude, both for my clients and for myself.  It was not an exceptional week, except for one thing; every single client took the time to acknowledge the positive impact our coaching work was having on them, professionally and personally.   I didn’t expect this, but am tremendously […]