How Will Your Leadership Learning Evolve in 2014?

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Leadership doorwayWelcome to 2014!  The root of January is Jannus, meaning “god of the doorway.”  January is the door that opens to the New Year.  Yet January is often problematic for many people.  We get caught up in the desire to begin anew, often making resolutions that quickly fade.

Why is it that when we desire change it is often difficult to implement?

In the work I do with clients evolving their leadership, we focus first on clarity.

  • First get clear about the desired change.

    I often see that people rarely drill down deep enough to truly understand their desire and motivation.  This is what will help sustain momentum.

  • Secondly, create an intention.

    The difference between an intention and a goal is profound.  An intention, when planted with clarity and in a deeply relaxed state, will pull you forward.  An intention is rooted in the subconscious mind, which is running the “behavioral operating system” the majority of the time.  A goal can be more difficult because when your actions are inconsistent with what you stated, emotions of blame, shame and guilt can be self-punishing.    This can cause you to retract the goal and thereby not move towards that which you most desire.

  • Lastly, and of critical importance are the practices and habits that will support your moving towards your intention.

    These include behaviors that will promote new neural wiring, and that which supports your engagement towards your desired future.

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