The Inside Job of Leadership: Are you Glue or Rubber?

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Since the publication of “Step Up Now:  21 Powerful Principles for People Who Influence Others,” I have had the privilege of speaking to many individuals, in both large and small groups.  People often come up to me afterwards and tell me that I struck a chord with them when I said,

I help entrepreneurial leaders go from stuck to unstuck.”

StuckFace it, we all get stuck sometimes.  It doesn’t matter how or where you got stuck, or even that you are.  First be kind with yourself and acknowledge that getting stuck is part of the human condition.  We all get stuck.

The question to ask yourself is:

“How long am I willing to stay stuck, and what price am I paying for it in terms of my results at work, my relationships, opportunities, and financial losses?”

Sometimes people push back and tell me “I know I am stuck, but I need to think about it before making a decision to do something different.”  What are the chances of producing the outcome they desire?

On the other end of the spectrum, I have spoken with many people who appreciate and acknowledge that they are working very hard, yet not getting where they want to go.  When I ask if they feel “stuck,” they reply: “yes, I guess I am.”

Stuck in a rutYou see, it does not feel like you are stuck when you are in action, working, ticking things off the lists every day.  But if the results aren’t helping you build the business of your dreams, find balance and joy again, or enjoy mutually gratifying relationships, chances are you may be stuck.

So the next time someone goes out on a limb to challenge you about moving forward, perhaps you can ask yourself this:

Do I feel more like glue or like rubber?  If the former, you may be feeling dissatisfaction, chronic stress, over-whelm, or even decision-paralysis where you hadn’t had that problem before.

If you feel more like rubber, you are flexible, curious, open to the possibilities before you and energized by uncertainty a lot of the time.  You can bend your mind to creatively solve problems while soliciting help from others you trust.

When building a model, both are important.

You need glue to ground things and rubber to give flexibility and strength.  One without the other is imbalanced.

The trick is being able to keep both in your tool box and knowing which one you need for the goals you have.

Getting UnstuckIf you have been working on the same goal or problem for a long while and tried several different approaches, it may be a sign that you are “stuck.”  The first step towards getting unstuck is to simply make a commitment to doing so.  That powerful intention allows for new things to show up.

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