WE: Men, Women and the Decisive Formula for Winning at Work

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of a new book by my friend and colleague, Rania Anderson. WE:  Men, Women and the Decisive Formula for Winning at Work, published by Wiley, is a major contribution to helping men and women succeed in our new economy.   As companies increasingly rely on men and women to work […]

Are your moods and emotions helping or hurting your influence?

Emotional awareness matters a lot because many people are simply unaware of the moods and emotions they are holding; therefore the emotions and moods are holding them. For example, think of your moods and emotions as a wardrobe.  You prefer certain colors, styles, and weights.  When you enter your closet you consider the weather, season, […]

Are Your Leadership Blind Spots In the Way of Your Future?

Before entering the field of professional coaching, I was searching for the next step in my professional career.   I scheduled conversations with friends and colleagues to discuss my interests, while soliciting suggestions.  Thankfully, a friend recommended I read the book Presence, by Peter Sengue of M.I.T.  I read the book, and upon finishing confidently declared: […]

How Artful is Your Leadership?

This last weekend I experienced a rare event; a completely new form of art!  In the exhibition, “The Art of the Brick,” we were treated to the genius of Nathan Sawaya, corporate lawyer turned Master Designer of Lego Sculptures.  What I saw totally amazed, delighted and thrilled me.  It seemed so obvious in retrospect, why […]

The Power of a Reframe: Leadership, Life, and Limitations

I frequently get to test the power of principles I use in coaching leaders.  One of these is the power of a “reframe” to create meaning from events in our lives.  In the first week of the New Year, I was celebrating the end of 2016—(yes)!  and inviting in all the new possibilities 2017 might […]