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Leadership by ChoiceI love the title of this book because it represents the mindset that I train and teach.  Inspired and Influential Leadership is a conscious choice.  The goal is to become conscious of “for the sake of what am I doing this” and “who am I being while I am doing it.”

In the Leadership Now “Leading Blog,” the author states that:

“Leadership is always a choice. In Leadership by Choice, author Eric Papp says it means “making a conscious choice to positively influence those around you by managing yourself and leading others in four areas:

  • communication

  • leading teams

  • productivity

  • personal development


How well do you listen, ask questions, and speak with influence? How many of our problems are caused by lack of listening?

Listen while LikingWe listen better to people we like, but we can learn to listen with liking to anyone. What prevents us from doing so is preconceived ideas and ideas that we have about someone. “Sometimes while listening to someone, thoughts flood your mind – “can this person do anything for me?” “I probably won’t like this person,” or “Who likes them anyway?” – influencing how you listen.” Listen with liking.

Leading Teams

How well do you establish trust, healthy conflict, and achieve results with others?

A culture of blame teaches people that they can avert their own responsibility by blaming others. “When you breed and teach a culture of no accountability, it’s very hard to reach anything above mediocrity.” Without accountability you can’t lead.


Time and productivityHow well do you spend your time and how focused are you?

You are responsible for being productive. Know where your time is going, plan the day before, focus on high-payoff items, and delegate for results and not the process. (Forcing someone to do things your way is not delegating for results. It makes for a very stressful environment and is also counterproductive).

Personal Development

What are you doing to develop yourself?

Where do leaders find their inspiration? “When we retreat to silence, we tap into the inner calm that allows us to search for answers.   Lead with silence.”

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Make this moment a conscious leadership choice!

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