Is Your Inner Leader Going Back To School?

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Adult LearningThis is the first year in almost two decades that I haven’t been sending one of my children back to school.  When shopping for office supplies last week I found that I actually missed taking them to the store to purchase needed materials and clothing.  It represents a rite of passage for many.  There can be feelings of anticipation and hope.  For kids it can mean the dreaded “end of summer blues.” For kids going off to college, it can mean gaining independence for the first time.

It got me thinking about leaders and going back to school.  Now is a great time to check in with yourself about your own back to school plans.

Consider the following prompts to get you going:

  • What gaps in your learning would you like to work on this year?

  • Is there something you began but need to polish?

  • What is it that you do that you know doesn’t work well, but you do it anyway?

  • What kind of learning could help with that?

  • If you could fix one key area in your work situation, what would it be?

  • Do you have an accountability system in place to help you make and sustain change?

Hopefully these questions have gotten you thinking about going back to school.  I believe leadership is a lifelong learning process.  Even the most effective leaders are always looking to go to their edge.  Your company can only grow to the extent that you do.  “Back to school” can be a metaphor for a formalized process of helping you train, develop and sustain productive systems.

Post your comments here.  I would love to hear about YOUR Back to School plans.

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We will be in touch with you about the best learning options for you.  We offer private executive coaching as well as virtual and live corporate training modules in areas where leadership is most challenged.

In the meantime, commit to yourself that learning and accountability are part of your Back to School plan this fall.

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