Happy 2013 to the Step Up Leader Community!

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Happy 2013It’s easy to get a bit spooked by the calendar turning to a “13” year if you’re at all superstitious. I found the best way to enter the year for me is reflecting on what worked and what I want to focus on going forward.

Here is my personal list of shifts and lessons from 2012.  I share it with you to inspire you to acknowledge the 12 big things you are taking away and using to grow your inner leader.

  1. Take action and keep moving forward no matter what.

  2. Be conscious and clear in my intentions always.

  3. Manage distractions so they don’t manage me.

  4. Chunk it down.

  5. Ask “why not” a lot more.

  6. Be un-attached to the “how” and more attached to the “why”.

  7. Give and receive love daily.

  8. Release all struggle.

  9. What’s the worst that could happen?

  10. I don’t already know how it will turn out.

  11. What’s in front of me that I may not see.

  12. Hakuna Matata (Swahili for “don’t worry; be happy).

Hakuna MatataHope your New Year is chocked full of questions, and that not all of them get answered…

Thank you all for your interest, support and commitment to learning how to transform your leadership and our world.



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