Change Your Mood and Emotions; Change the Way You Influence!

It is no secret that many people have difficulty managing their moods and emotions in every day life.  Frustrations grow, resentment deepens, and people sometimes explode. What happens when this spills over to the workplace?  If you sometimes feel moody or emotional when you are making a decision or attempting to influence a person or […]

Just because we think it, does not mean we become it…

We have all heard “Be Careful What You Wish For.”  This is because it is believed that “thoughts become things.” Yet what you may not have stopped to think is “how….” People who feel chronic overwhelm cannot think their way out of it.  This is because you are not your thoughts. If thoughts alone are […]

Three Things Busy Entrepreneurs Must Do No Matter What

Vision. Plan. Action.  Miss any one of these three things busy entrepreneurs must do no matter what and you’ll likely end up somewhere different than you expected.   In today’s blog, we explore the gritty truth about the three simple (but not easy) pieces you need to get where you really want to go. From every […]

Five Steps Leaders Take to Fulfill Their Purpose

Whether you are a leader with teams to support you or a leader looking for a career change, knowing your purpose or “big why” is a power tool you want to have. It is a hallmark of the resilient leader.    In order to prioritize, maintain focus, set context for effective communication with others, and maintain […]