What Animals Have to Do with Leadership

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Animal LeaderI recently returned from my summer vacation in California.    I appreciated the time and space to renew and refresh all of me, especially the parts that were feeling worn and over-stimulated from entrepreneurship!

While observing animals along the Pacific Coast as well as hiking among the redwood trees, I observed that animals don’t need to be told what to do or how to be.

They instinctively understand how to operate so they can survive, both individually and as a group.

What works well for them is a highly attuned internal system that is totally attuned to their environment.  They use all of their senses; sight, sound and sensations in order to gather information quickly to assess opportunity as well as danger.

Leading by instinctI began to see leadership lessons in these activities.  How are we as humans detached from the signals that are available, yet that we often ignore?  There are opportunities in all of our work situations that we are often ill-prepared or unable to act upon.  Yet what do we do about it?

 Ask yourself these questions:

  • How much are you gathering from your environment?

  • Are you paying attention with all of your senses?

  • What data is available to you that you may not be accessing or using? 

  • What are you leaving ignored or unspoken that could create a huge result for you? 

Often we pay little attention to how we are “being.”  Yet the guiding internal radar that humans have in common with animals will never steer us into danger.

Next time you think about avoiding something or someone, consider doing something different.

Imagine you are one of the creatures of the animal kingdom, acting on senses, sight, and sound.

What does your instinct guide you to do?  Can you consistently connect to your senses and instincts as a leader?

Let me know how it goes.  For further ideas on how to develop your inner game of leadership for breakthrough results, visit http://www.StepUpLeader.com/Services for a free 30-minute “Breakthrough your Barriers Strategy Session.”

 Does your animal nature reflect the leader you want to be?

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