What are you doing about the 8th Habit?

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Stephen Covey, a beloved guru, writer, speaker and a leader in transformational learning died last week.  He made many contributions to helping people develop and grow themselves to change their lives and our world.  He is widely recognized for his best-selling book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Did you know that he also wrote a book about an 8th habit?

Find Your Voice and Inspire Others

Find your voiceI see this as one of the most important things leaders and people of influence must do, as well as coaching for it in others.  People who have found their voice are unstoppable, but until you have found it, you will often stop yourself.

Ask yourself if this question

“If I were asking a colleague to introduce me by saying “his/her voice is____ and they inspire others through___”

What would they say about you?

You may want to ask a trusted colleague or friend and test out the finding. It may surprise you.  But therein is the opportunity to clarify your voice, communicate it skillfully, and inspire others with its resonance.

Tip:  Research has shown that the first 7 seconds of your day affects the rest of your day!

Imagine how many of us slog our way through that critical time without setting intention and connecting to our own inner voice.  Based upon the tip we provided last week with the Heart Math Quick Coherence Technique, this can be used to make  early morning time an investment in a high-caliber day.

  1. Connext with the heartUpon arising, make heart contact

  2. Create something that comes from your heart

  3. Make an immediate and direct loving statement about yourself or even your “voice”.

  4. Say it before your eyes open!

Let me know how it goes by posting a comment here.

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