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This is our last post of 2013 since our Wednesday posting days fall on Christmas and New Year’s Day.  I doubt that any of you, (loyal readers though you are) would wish to spend either of those days looking for Leadership tips in your e-mail inbox!  I know I need some time to catch my breath, and trust you will do the same.  Taking a break from the flood of email, even that which we enjoy reading is itself a holiday.

wrapping up 2013What are you celebrating during this special time of year?

As I was wrapping up 2013, I noticed that my year reflected the full spectrum of human experience, from lows and highs.  I am truly grateful that this holiday I am ending the year on a better note than I could have expected or imagined when the year had just begun.

As an entrepreneur, my habit is to continually ask “what’s next?”  This year I have consciously chosen to slow down (at least in my mind) and savor the journey.  I appreciate not only what was accomplished, but also how many valuable connections and relationships were created or strengthened.  I saw themes, patterns and successes from early in the year that I had forgotten.  I appreciate how far I have come in twelve months.  Turns out this is really important for leaders, and especially so for entrepreneurs.

Here are just a few of my 2013 celebrations:

  • Step Up Leader platform continues to grow, reaching hundreds of people weekly via website and social media platform.
  • Writer of monthly leadership column in Conscious Shift Magazine, reaching 35,000 people monthly.
  • Reached hundreds of people through speaking, private, group and corporate coaching and facilitation.
  • Deepened my training and learning via on-line and in-person workshops, including CEU’s for my coaching credential.
  • Deepened my relationship with The Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda in preparation for 2014 visit there.

One of my top shifts from 2013 was learning to become more accepting of “allowing” vs. forcing.  I noticed less pressure for things to happen in certain time frames and this helped me feel more in the flow, more accepting, and overall happier with the progress I was making.  I practiced more “chunking it down” to small digestible bites and this helped me stay engaged with huge amounts of work product without getting overwhelmed.  These are just a few that I observed.  What about you?

Take a few moments to share with a colleague, mentor, friend or loved ones your big celebrations of this year.

In the process of writing and speaking, you will set yourself up for even more.  Gratitude is a tremendous magnet for more magnificence; establish yourself firmly in gratitude for all in your life.

To all of you who supported Step Up Leader in our second full year of business, thank you.   We appreciate your interest in our work, comments, and referrals.  Together, we step up and transform the way we think, behave, lead, and live.

To your sustainable success and joy in the New Year!

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