Leadership: It May Not Be What You Think…

Today brought an incredible real-life example to illustrate the simple, yet powerful message I aim to teach; that leadership and influence are first and foremost an inner game.  Only when we are clear and fully present internally can we create and experience joy, fulfillment and results externally. The point was illustrated beautifully by a client […]

What Makes Effective Crisis Leadership?

As the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic has turned from weeks into months, and possibly years, leaders are having to adjust their focus at breakneck pace. Many are going into survival mode—doing whatever it takes to preserve cash, keep their employees, and pausing or abandoning growth strategies that were set just a few short months ago. […]

Three Things Busy Entrepreneurs Must Do No Matter What

Vision. Plan. Action.  Miss any one of these three things busy entrepreneurs must do no matter what and you’ll likely end up somewhere different than you expected.   In today’s blog, we explore the gritty truth about the three simple (but not easy) pieces you need to get where you really want to go. From every […]

Do you know your business “love language?”

Have you ever felt that you were misunderstood?  That your intentions towards others were not having the desired effect?  Have you wondered why, after so much effort, your partner may not “feel” the love you believe you are offering? If any of these questions resonate, you may have read the Five Love Languages, by Gary […]