Are You Allowing for a Recovery Period?

I see it all the time with clients.  I’ve done it myself.  Push and push and push some more.  That’s what we’re supposed to do to “get things done.”  Work during the day; work at night and on the weekends.  Why some of us even work throughout our vacations because we “have to.”  But where […]

Are you following the 4 rules for getting valuable work done?

This week’s Step Up Tips focuses on an area of leadership that many find challenging:  how to do deep work in the face of overwhelming demands on our time.   We borrow from Leading Blog, in which the book by Cal Newport, Deep Work is highlighted. “The ability to perform deep work is becoming increasingly rare […]

Getting Started: A Leadership Secret You Deserve To Know

Slow down to move fast.  This important leadership secret underscores much of the work I do with leaders.  At this hectic time of year, I thought it would be helpful to emphasize that how we start the day often determines how effective we are in our activities.  It can be challenging to resist the urge […]

Is Your Leadership In The Right Gear? Part 2

Last week, Step Up Leader Tip borrowed a Leading Blog post on a topic that is fundamental to effective leadership and living:  presence.  How many times do we notice that we are physically here but our mind is somewhere else?   This is a symptom of the inability to be present, without which connection with […]

What are you making room for as a leader?

Steve, a CEO client, recently relayed a story that captures an important idea for leaders; the need to let go of certain beliefs, habits and approaches in order to create something different. He told me he and his wife were recently cleaning out their basement storage room.  There were piles of things in the center […]