How Can Leaders Remain Energized and Avoid Depletion?

It’s almost a fact of leadership life.  While most leaders enjoy the human and business challenges of leading (much of the time), what I often hear is how exhausting it all can be.  Leadership depletion has almost become expected in many circles.  Many assume it comes with the territory.  A 2017 Gallup survey reports that […]

What are Your Loudest Leadership Voices?

One question that comes up a lot for my client leaders in mid-life is “what I’ve been doing isn’t working for me any longer, yet I don’t know what or how to change.” The awareness this question brings creates an opening for inquiry—for the individual leader to begin a process of self-reflection.  This reflection, if […]

Are your moods and emotions helping or hurting your influence?

Emotional awareness matters a lot because many people are simply unaware of the moods and emotions they are holding; therefore the emotions and moods are holding them. For example, think of your moods and emotions as a wardrobe.  You prefer certain colors, styles, and weights.  When you enter your closet you consider the weather, season, […]

When The Going Gets Tough I…..

Recently I’ve experienced a number of tough challenges.  I’ve also been hearing from friends and colleagues who’ve been voicing the same.  This got me to reflect on my habits and patterns. I’ve also observed how others who receive challenging news manage to courageously embrace “what is.” Leadership is an opportunity to evolve and develop aspects […]

Resilience Revisited: Recharge or Relapse

Shawn Achor writes in the Harvard Business Review that resilience requires more than resting.  It requires recovery.  What’s the difference? “So how do we recover and build resilience? Most people assume that if you stop doing a task like answering emails or writing a paper, that your brain will naturally recover, such that when you […]