What’s Even More Important Than Asking “How?”

I coach leaders and their teams, and am continually inspired by the ways in which their learning unfolds.  When clients come to me, they are anxious to get to work to address their pressing business issues, hoping that I may offer them “fixes” or novel solutions.  What they soon come to realize is that they […]

Do You Know Your Leadership Blind Spots?

This week’s blog comes from Leading Blog. “Blind spots” are one of my favorite leadership topics because it is at the root of what holds us back.   Once uncovered, however there is the potential for monumental change and growth. “Blind spots,” those problems that are right in front of us that we fail to see. […]

How Often Are You Leading From 30,000 Feet?

I am writing this week’s tips and tools from 30,000 feet.  Literally!  I find that I can often achieve inspiration and speed while in an airplane.  From up above the clouds the landscape looks entirely different than when I am earthbound.  I notice my perspective affords me a feeling of timelessness.  I am in a […]