What’s Love Got To Do With Leadership?

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Lead Love LearnDo you remember the famous Tina Turner song from the 1980’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”  I am reminded of that as I thought about an appropriate theme for February, the often-dreary winter month marked by Valentine’s Day

In this month’s newsletter we explore the:

7 ways open-heartedness relates to leadership and influence.

  1. Love is about openness.

Leadership is about openness to the ideas and input of others

  1. Love is about connection.

Leadership is about connecting yourself to others through shared vision and action

  1. Love is about trust.

Leadership is about creating and maintaining trust among teams and groups

  1. Love is about listening.

Leadership is about listening for understanding followed by action

  1. Love is about sharing.

Leadership is about sharing your vision, passion, and commitment to inspire others.

  1. Love is about reciprocity.

Leadership is about relationships that are reciprocal, in which people organically give and take depending on the shared vision and needs

  1. Love is about open communication.

Leadership is the art of communicating your ideas and feelings to a team, organization and company so people feel energized to get out of bed every day.  We humans act on feelings, so at a gut level, they’ve got to feel it!

Lead with LoveLet February be the month when you let your love out as a leader. 

Has you love been on vacation?  Or hiding out?  Or hibernating like a bear in winter?

If you are feeling a lack of love in your leadership, take action this month.  What is one small step you can take to open yourself up a bit?  Make a call.  Write a note.  Open a new conversation. Check in with someone you haven’t paid attention to.  What does he need?  What could she use a bit more of?

It all starts with an intention.  Feel the feeling first and then act.  What a difference these small movements will make for you and those you influence.  Let your love lead the way this month!

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