The Inner Game of Leadership: Stillness is Moving

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Stillness is movingThis is the time of year when everything accelerates.  Hectic goes to wild; busy becomes crazed… I thought readers would benefit from a powerful tip found in Leading Blog.  It is consistent with one of the foundational 21 Powerful Principles found in “Step Up Now,” called “The Power of Stopping.”

Next Time You’re in a Slump, Try Stillpower

StillPower“When our performance is in a slump or we get stuck, we tend to become anxious and reach for any quick fix or technique that promises to get us out of it. We apply more effort, focus, and willpower. And when all of that doesn’t work, we get even more anxious and our performance heads even further south.”

Instead, when we get stuck we need to rely on Stillpower, not willpower says Garret Kramer. Stillpower is the ability to return to a clear mindset after we get into a muddled mental state—a low state of mind. It’s knowing that “all sentiments are temporary since they originate from your own thoughts and moods. Stillpower comes from knowing that self-worth has nothing to do with winning, losing, parental approval, money fame, or anything external to you.”

Low State of MindWhen we get into a low state of mind we need to do nothing. It’s when we operate from a low state of mind that we usually make mistakes, poor judgments, miss opportunities and dig ourselves deeper into whatever hole we are digging. “Once you understand,” says Kramer, “that as human beings we form our perceptions from the inside out, that the quality of our thinking and level of awareness move up and down independent of our circumstances, you will see that it makes little sense to work yourself through a temporarily low state of mind.” But that’s often exactly what we do.

Leadership is an all-in proposition. Done right, it’s a lot of hard work. To cut ourselves some slack, we too often rely on external gimmicks and techniques rather than the messy work of a real relationship.


  • “We perform better when we get caught up in the experience, rather than when we make the experience about us….When we focus on a personal prize, our options narrow; when we relish the process, our options expand.”

  • High Conciousness“When we act from clarity, it is impossible to get weighed down by judgmental outcomes.”

  • “When we succumb to our errant thoughts or closed-off moods, judge another person, and then act from this egotistical perspective of insecurity, it is practically impossible to find long-term success.”

  • “Every failure, every mistake, every loss—occurs to clarify our path, not to obscure it.”

  • “You will never wrestle with a choice when your level of consciousness is high.”

It is important to note too, that looking within for answers is fine if you have consciously put something there to draw-on in the first place. Good flashes of insight are only produced when there is something good to draw upon. Choose your sources wisely. “

What sources are you choosing?

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