Leadership Independence: From What Will You Free Yourself?

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It’s almost the 4th of July.  The holiday when Americans celebrate the birth of our nation as a free, self-governing country.  The holiday got me thinking about whether or not we act as if we are truly free.


Here are 10 questions to ask yourself about how free you truly feel

  1. Do you take time off from work regularly?
  2. Do you travel to someplace you’ve never been before to explore?
  3. Do you block daily time for family, friends, and key relationships you value?
  4. Do you have a cell-phone free policy at mealtimes?
  5. Do you stop using your computer and all electronics at least 1 hour prior to retiring for bed?
  6. Do you make time for play daily, even during the work week?
  7. Do you take care of your physical body by having an exercise routine and effective nutrition habits?
  8. Do you read non work-related books, in addition to work-related publications?
  9. Do you have way more stuff than you need?
  10. Do you have regular mindfulness practice in which you spend 10-15 minutes per day (not driving) in quiet contemplation

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  It is however enough to get you started thinking about that from which you want independence!

This 4th of July, I invite you to reflect on just one of the above questions.  Select one that grabs you and decide on one action you will adjust in the week ahead that will give you more freedom.

Our founding fathers and mothers took care of the big, important stuff.  They left it to each of us to figure out how to be free in our own lives.

This 2018 I wish you a very Happy 4th of July and that your new freedom is one that makes a difference in your life.

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