Are You Doing the 9 Things Positive Leaders Do?

I am keenly aware of the importance of positivity in leadership.  The environment in which we are living is so full of negativity that it can become overwhelming to process it and keep one’s positive outlook.  Fortunately, a prolific leadership writer, Jon Gordon has written a book to help us. If you are challenged by […]

What are Your Loudest Leadership Voices?

One question that comes up a lot for my client leaders in mid-life is “what I’ve been doing isn’t working for me any longer, yet I don’t know what or how to change.” The awareness this question brings creates an opening for inquiry—for the individual leader to begin a process of self-reflection.  This reflection, if […]

How to Un-Stick as a Leader?

Sometimes it does not feel like you are stuck when you are in action, working, ticking things off the lists every day.

Leader Alert: Do You Know Your Purpose (and what you can do about it)

Whether you are a leader with teams to support you or a leader looking for a career change, knowing your purpose or “big why” is a power tool you want to have.   It is a hallmark of the resilient leader.    In order to prioritize, maintain focus, set context for effective communication with others, and […]

What’s Your Leadership Response to Digital Transformation?

With all the uproar over Artificial Intelligence these last few months, many of us are thinking a lot about just what we will do around The Great Disruption.  AI had the fastest adoption rate in history, going from 0 to 100 million users in two months!  I confess, I have used Chat GPT in a […]