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visionThe new movie “Ghost Busters” appeared recently in theaters as a remake of the popular 1989 film, only this time with an all-female cast. The theme of being a “buster” of something got me thinking about what I do as an executive coach working with leaders and their teams.  I get to hear a lot about what goes on in organizations (and what isn’t going on as well).  In speaking with new clients, I hear their frustration around lack of engagement, focus, and commitment.  I hear how “busy” they are in activities, but also how little of what really matters is getting done.

That’s when I become a “Vision Buster.”

What I’ve come to appreciate is that while many leaders and organizations have “Visions” and “Missions,” where they often break down is on the part about how to get that to live and breathe in their teams.  They often say, “Hey, we had a retreat and everybody got to hear it,” or “It’s on all the walls in the office—they should know it.”  If it only it were that easy.

Vision, mission and values are critical to team performance

But what I often find missing is that very little attention has been paid to the “how” part.  How are we going to work together to accomplish our objectives” How do I need to be as the leader?  How do they need to be?  What specific categories of interactions are we aiming for, and what behaviors will let us know we are doing the right things, well and often?

I work with leaders and teams in a focused process to develop a one-page cheat sheet with 5 key elements for organizational performance.  If any one of these elements is missing, results will be sporadic or lacking.  When they are all present, and when all the “horses move in the same direction,” AND we can see, observe and measure that, there is no guesswork.  We know what things will produce results, and we also know what won’t.

align your visionLeaders aren’t often aware of how critically important it is to get their teams aligned to the vision. 

Without this, and without the ability for teams to coordinate around the vision, there will be frustration and missed targets.

So, if mindless summer entertainment such as Ghost Busters movie isn’t your thing, you can still break out.

Leaders who are Vision Busters prevail where others can only fail.

I invite you to post your comments here.  For more information on how Vision Busting can help you, please email me.

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