Incivility Has a Cost

This week’s Step Up Leader Tips explores the price we pay for incivility. You’ve probably noticed it more often, because it’s happening more often. I am aware of it when I attend performances at our local Performing Arts Center. People around me are talking aloud, unwrapping food, looking at their cellphones, etc. It’s frustrating to […]

Leadership Lessons from the Olympics

I admit to being hooked on the Olympics.    The four year global experience is one of my favorites, especially the winter games.  Is anyone else suffering from Olympic fatigue like I am?  Tired from staying up way too late to watch the nightly Olympic prime time line-up?  (I don’t watch the Internet updates during the […]

Are you the leader you’ve been waiting for?

As a leader, have you ever had one of those moments when you saw, in an instant, something you had never seen before but it had been there all along?  Two clients in the same day had very similar realizations, and shared that the impact on them had been significant.  Something subtle, yet profound had […]