Are You Missing Out on a Simple Leadership Tool?

What’s the most underrated and simple tool to improve leadership performance?  Sleep. In spite of many, many Americans running on fumes, more folks are coming out of the shadows to admit this important fact:  I do not sleep well or enough, and am chronically exhausted at work.  What we may not know is how this […]

Are You Missing Out on the Easiest Leadership Fix of All? (Part 2)

If you’re a leader with poor sleep habits, what can be done? I invite my coaching clients who have sleep issues to consider the following, evidence-based approach to better sleep: Maintain a consistent bedtime schedule; try not to vary much between days of the week and the weekends Develop a bedtime routine to cue one’s […]

Are You Allowing for a Recovery Period?

I see it all the time with clients.  I’ve done it myself.  Push and push and push some more.  That’s what we’re supposed to do to “get things done.”  Work during the day; work at night and on the weekends.  Why some of us even work throughout our vacations because we “have to.”  But where […]