What’s Your Leadership Return?

This week’s Step Up Leader Tips borrows from Leading Blog’s “Return on Character” post. We live in an age where wisdom is only wisdom if it is supported by numbers. There are two obvious problems with this. First, we miss a lot because we are looking for immediate return. And so it puts our focus on […]

Is Your Leadership As Effective As It Could Be? The Missing Piece

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” This famous quote by Mahatma Ghandi summarizes this month’s focus on transformation for leaders. This is admittedly one of my favorite leadership topics. Why? Because when a leader has impact, transformation occurs, and when transformation occurs, a leader has impact. What gets in the way […]

Leadership Impact: Where it Comes From

This week’s Step Up Leader tips come from Leading Blog. We appreciate how others in the field of leadership are writing about the importance of Leadership Impact – leading from the core. This is a cornerstone principle of the Step Up Leader process. Clients discover that creating influence and effectiveness begin with this subtle yet […]

What Keeps Leaders Up at Night?

What Keeps Leaders Up at Night? by Nicole Lipkin is a treatise on self-awareness and personal responsibility and the damaging effects a lack of those qualities has in our lives.