What are you making room for as a leader?

Steve, a CEO client, recently relayed a story that captures an important idea for leaders; the need to let go of certain beliefs, habits and approaches in order to create something different. He told me he and his wife were recently cleaning out their basement storage room.  There were piles of things in the center […]

How Often Are You Leading From 30,000 Feet?

I am writing this week’s tips and tools from 30,000 feet.  Literally!  I find that I can often achieve inspiration and speed while in an airplane.  From up above the clouds the landscape looks entirely different than when I am earthbound.  I notice my perspective affords me a feeling of timelessness.  I am in a […]

Opening Up Your Care Package

The connection between care and commitment is vital. We act on what we are committed to, and we are committed to what we care about. When you are clear about what you care about, you can engage others in your team and organization in similar discovery. To do this, you must first learn to ‘be.” This simple act will change everything in your world.