Are You Doing the 9 Things Positive Leaders Do?

I am keenly aware of the importance of positivity in leadership.  The environment in which we are living is so full of negativity that it can become overwhelming to process it and keep one’s positive outlook.  Fortunately, a prolific leadership writer, Jon Gordon has written a book to help us. If you are challenged by […]

9 Things Positive Leaders Do (continued)

This week we continue our post from last week, exploring the 9 things positive leaders do.  As an executive coach who works with high-performing, entrepreneurs who want to scale their organizations to the next level, I have seen first-hand the importance of modelling these qualities Leading Blog offers us a summary of Jon’ Gordon’s key […]

The Resilient Leader: Overcoming Negativity and Regaining Influence

Most of us struggle with the repetitive patterns of negativity at one time or another. It’s important to realize that this can be changed, and that we are in charge of that choice. This simple realization is transformational for individuals, leaders, and organizations.