Are You Leading Through Space?

You know it when it happens to you.  A colleague or boss calls you or invites you to a meeting.  They get right down to business.  They dive in to the ask of what they need from you.    In our highly connected, plugged-in 24/7 world, it may seem natural to expedite conversations with others in […]

Technology and Leadership: The Missing Connection

Technology is one of the greatest additions to our modern lives.  Yet the way we use it and engage with it, may not necessarily be helping with our leadership effectiveness.  Sure, we are more ostensibly connected-never far away from our phones, tablets and laptops.  Yet proximity does not a connection make.  I would argue that […]

Are You Leading From Who You Are, or Who You Are Not?

When we are engaged with our self, we engage at work. When we access our gifts, they spill out into everyday activities and encounters. When we learn to relax from our state of “high-alert,” we have abilities that were previously blocked from our visibility. When we can truly listen to ourselves, we listen far better to others.