Are Your Managers Really Coaching?

I often hear folks speak about how they’re “coaching” others, whether it be kids, colleagues, or direct reports, and feel compelled to weigh in. Coaching, to be effective, is a very specific relationship, marked by a specific type of communication. According to an August 14, 2018 Harvard Business Review article by Julia Milner:  “managers tend […]

Does Your Leadership Require A Vacation?

Summer is more than half over.  By now, many of us have already planned or even taken vacations.  Surprisingly however, a new survey from Censuswide on behalf of LinkedIn found that more than 50% of U.S. working adults didn’t use all of their vacation days last year.  When they do vacation, 70% say that they […]

Do you know your business “love language?”

Have you ever felt that you were misunderstood?  That your intentions towards others were not having the desired effect?  Have you wondered why, after so much effort, your partner may not “feel” the love you believe you are offering? If any of these questions resonate, you may have read the Five Love Languages, by Gary […]

Does Your Leadership Gift Include Your Presence?

I thought long and hard about how to wrap up this final post for the year.  It has been quite a year for many of us, experiencing big challenges, and also significant positive changes, sometimes all at the same time. As I reflected on what topic to choose, I return to that which has been […]

How Ego-Free Is Your Leadership? Part Two.

This is the second part of a two-part series on how we can reduce the damaging impact of ego as leaders. Leading Blog recently reviewed a new book, Ego Free Leadership.  Here are some key insights: “Intellectually it’s easy to decide that learning, growing, or creating authentic relationships is more important than not appearing incompetent, […]