Do You Exhibit the 10 Leadership Behaviors of a Powerful Culture?

In the work I do with entrepreneurial leaders and teams, the lack of trust often surfaces as a challenge. Founders often struggle with how to trust as their organizations grow and take on new hires. The culture shifts; decisions can no longer be made by one or two people. Companies in rapid-fire growth do not […]

Leadership Lessons from an Exceptional Rwandan

This week we feature leadership wisdom from an extraordinary young Rwandan woman, Nadine Niyitegeka. She is a staff member and graduate of The Akilah Institute for Women in Rwanda. Nadine has been touring the U.S. for 9 months as an Akilah Ambassador, representing her alma mater and her country. Nadine is one of those remarkable […]

Leaders, Step Back So You Can See More Closely

I was visiting an art museum last weekend when I had a realization that applies to leadership.  The epiphany occurred when viewing the watercolors of the artist John Singer Sargent, a 20th century painter whose sparse brushstrokes yielded masterful and dramatic portraits and landscapes.    When viewing his work up close, I saw the way he […]

Leaders and Influencers: Are You Willing to Go to the Root?

Why are so many people engaged in systems that aren’t effective and often are harmful? Why is it that so often we get buried in the details (the trees) and can’t see that the solution to our problem may require our pulling back to see the entire forest?

How Mental Meltdown Happens and What You Can Do About It.

Too many choicesHow many of us feel overwhelmed by choices? I hear it from clients and I feel it myself. There are so many choices for how to spend our most precious resources; time and money. Research has shown that in fact, there are too many choices.