How Ego-Free Is Your Leadership? Part Two.

This is the second part of a two-part series on how we can reduce the damaging impact of ego as leaders. Leading Blog recently reviewed a new book, Ego Free Leadership.  Here are some key insights: “Intellectually it’s easy to decide that learning, growing, or creating authentic relationships is more important than not appearing incompetent, […]

How Ego-Free Is Your Leadership? Transform Yourself and Your Organization

In the next two weeks, we’ll explore the cost of ego-driven leadership and the growth path to transform yourself and your organization. Recently I’ve been working with many clients to create high-performing leadership teams.  I’ve observed the breakthroughs that happen when leaders develop awareness into how reactive habits can get in the way of effectiveness, […]

Are You Owning it as a Leader?

The theme from Leading Blog this week captivates me: personal responsibility. I’ve worked with numerous leadership teams who are struggling to accomplish objectives and goals. Helping them get to the root of the dysfunction requires five essential ingredients; vision, alignment, trust, collaboration and accountability. When working with a team, I always begin with the leader […]