Advisor, Mentor or Coach: What’s the Difference?

I am always curious when I hear about “coaching” business. Seems these days lots of people are getting and receiving “coaching.” The problem I have is that when I inquire further as to the nature of the work they are doing, it doesn’t fit the domain of professional coaching; it’s usually more along the lines […]

Drama Triangle

Reposted from my Conscious Shift Magazine article. One famous adage leaders often quote is that of President Harry S. Truman, who said, “the buck stops here.”  But what happens in organizational (and family) life often resembles more of an old-style Hollywood movie than a model of responsible leadership.  If we peek behind the screen, we often […]

Are you the leader you’ve been waiting for?

As a leader, have you ever had one of those moments when you saw, in an instant, something you had never seen before but it had been there all along?  Two clients in the same day had very similar realizations, and shared that the impact on them had been significant.  Something subtle, yet profound had […]