Are You Leading with “Freedom From” or “Freedom To?”

This week’s Step Up Leader Tips is inspired by Leading Blog, as I often hear from clients “How things will be better or different when I am free from….”. The problem with that approach is that although we think we would be better off if our obstacles were removed, the evidence suggests the contrary. Michael […]

What’s Your Leadership Return?

This week’s Step Up Leader Tips borrows from Leading Blog’s “Return on Character” post. We live in an age where wisdom is only wisdom if it is supported by numbers. There are two obvious problems with this. First, we miss a lot because we are looking for immediate return. And so it puts our focus on […]

Are You an Evolutionary Leader?

What’s the one thing of which we can be certain?  Change is happening and is a constant.  The question is: “How are you leading in relationship to the rapid rate of change?”.  Are you evolving faster than the environment around you?  If you answered negatively or are unsure, you may want to learn more about […]

Does Your Leadership Explore What’s Possible?

How often do we bring an empowering mindset to the challenges before us? It’s so easy to stay within our comfort zone and maintain our habits; both in belief and in action. Habits are a way to simplify the complexity of what we process each day. Remember how much concentration it took to first learn […]

Happy and Productive Organizations are a Leaders Choice

“Leadership is not a rank; it’s a decision,” according to Simon Sinek. I’m a big fan of his work. His previous book, Start with Why, is a simple yet profound look at the missing ingredient in bringing passion and purpose to our work. Circle of Safety In his new book and video, “Leaders Eat Last,” […]