The Source of Light in Enlightened Leadership

Today’s leaders are engaged in managing unprecedented challenges. Our time is marked by volatility, complexity and global upheaval, all of which have awakened us to our collective dissatisfaction with the status quo. Our desire to succeed in reaching our goals and produce results can often result in sacrificing our own humanity and well-being along the […]

The Modern Leader’s Guide to Timeless Wisdom

Looking to transform your leadership? Then join our upcoming live webinar to learn the key principles to help you become a more effective leader. Hosted by Susan S. Freeman, author of the new book, Inner Switch: 7 Timeless Principles to Transform Modern Leadership, you will walk away with the skills needed to create positive change […]

7 Timeless Principles That Will Help You Become a Better Leader

If you’d told me 25 years ago, when I first stepped onto a yoga mat, that one day I’d be writing a book on the intersection of leadership and yoga, I would have belly laughed. I was perfectly happy in my career as a vice president in a boutique executive search firm. The thought of […]

7 principles to being a leader: Start with better breathing

Executive coach, author and speaker Susan Freeman recently received a phone call from a client who joyously wanted to thank her for helping him with something that, on the surface, seems rather elementary: breathing. The client, in business to business sales, told Freeman he had a prospective customer meeting that began ominously. The prospect, a […]

Leadership coach zeroes in on Zen for clients — and it works

About a decade ago, when Susan Freeman decided she wanted to be a leadership consultant and executive coach, essentially a third, or even fourth, career, she had one overarching worry. Freeman started her business life on Madison Avenue, an ad executive with the noted agency Young & Rubicam in the late 1980s, among other firms. […]