How To Successfully Navigate Work, Love and Life As A Powerful Woman

How does a successful, strong, and powerful woman navigate work, employee relationships, love, and life in a world that still feels uncomfortable with strong women? In this interview series, called “Power Women” we are talking to accomplished women leaders who share their stories and experiences navigating work, love and life as a powerful woman.

Susan S. Freeman – Professional Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant

Susan S. Freeman – Professional Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant to Entrepreneurs and Investors by Jed Morley | Original Article “Resilience is a leadership muscle. As with any other muscle group, if we don’t use it, it will atrophy.” Susan S. Freeman Susan S. Freeman, MBA, PCC, NCC is an accredited Executive and Team […]

Top five ways to storm-proof your leadership

Link to Original Article Residents of many parts of the U.S. are engaged in storm-readiness during these vulnerable hurricane months. We engage in an annual ritual of preparation that includes gathering bottled water, batteries, candles, canned and paper goods, important documents, and updating evacuation plans. Why is this relevant to leadership? Because leaders are navigating […]

5 Surprising Ways to Address an Unhealthy Work-Life Balance.

One of the outcomes of the global pandemic is a rapidly shifting notion of what we value as humans. Original Article After many months of having our lives and work routines upended, lots of us have been participating in a giant experiment about what we want. Some have quit jobs they did not find satisfying […]

Leadership coach zeroes in on Zen for clients — and it works

Listening tops the list of Susan Freeman’s must-dos. by: Mark Gordon | Managing Editor Business Observer | Link to Original Article About a decade ago, when Susan Freeman decided she wanted to be a leadership consultant and executive coach, essentially a third, or even fourth, career, she had one overarching worry. Freeman started her business […]