Become Part of the Fabric – Guest Post by Alana Muller

Today’s guest post by master networker, Alana Muller. You can read Alana’s blog at Coffee Lunch Coffee. For many of us, when we enter unknown territory or face a new situation, we have a sense of momentary anxiety… How do I get from here to there? Will I know anybody? Will anyone talk to me? What do […]

Technology and Leadership: The Missing Connection

Technology is one of the greatest additions to our modern lives.  Yet the way we use it and engage with it, may not necessarily be helping with our leadership effectiveness.  Sure, we are more ostensibly connected-never far away from our phones, tablets and laptops.  Yet proximity does not a connection make.  I would argue that […]

Listen, Learn and Live With a Difference in 2015!

This week I invite you to join me in the complimentary Catapult Your Career Success Summit, hosted by Linda Cattelan. The Summit runs from Jan. 20-31. Recordings are available for 72 hours after each speaker’s session or can be purchased for use at any time. I am delighted to be included in the event, on […]

Make 2013 Your Year to Network!

This year, while you are thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, add this one to your list: Make 2013 YOUR year for strengthening your relationship base. Though New Year’s Resolutions may often feel trivial or artificially timed to coincide with January 1st, there’s no better time to start than right now.