The Yoga of Leadership: Beyond Postures to Presence

In the last few years there has been an increase in research and attention around neuroplasticity.  This includes our ability to change the way our brains process and perform, not just in our youth, but throughout our lives. Turns out this has a lot to do with leadership—for the young and the not so young.  […]

Yoga and Leadership: Leading on the Edge

My previous experience on the yoga mat got me thinking a lot about leadership. It has to do with the notion of going to your “edge” and then going beyond it.  “Edge” is the metaphor for the beliefs and thoughts we have about what is possible.  What’s cool about the idea of edge is that […]

Is Your Leadership Consciously Fit?

The theme for this month is Conscious Fitness.  This is critical for leaders because energy, stamina, drive and the capacity to execute depend upon physical, emotional and mental fitness. What does it mean for a leader to be consciously fit? I believe in the core of Eastern philosophy; what is in the microcosm is in […]

Leading on the Edge

A recent example of how this worked for a client is when Mike had difficulty connecting his “thinking” to his “feelings,” he used a specific breath practice. This allowed him to experience the multitude of sensations in his body that could guide and direct him to what really mattered.