Efficiency is the Wrong Mindset for a Leader

This week’s Step Up Leader Tip borrows from “Leading Blog.” It’s relevant because leaders are often caught in the drive for “more, greater, faster,” believing that efficiency can be extracted through pushing harder. This may be applicable to factory work, but rarely works when applied to the complex team-oriented environment today’s leaders face. My experience […]

Lessons from Nelson Mandela

The essence of Nelson Mandela’s gift was his uncanny ability to connect deeply with his own vision and to connect it to others. His example reminds us that what lies outside of us pales in comparison to what lies within….

Coffee Lunch Coffee: Network, Influence, and Lead!

Why a post about networking during December, the busiest time of year?  Because December is a great time to ask people to meet you for holiday “cheer” to toast the season.  Often people you have long wanted to meet or with whom you have lost touch will be thrilled to hear from you this time […]