Leader Alert: Do You Know Your Purpose (and what you can do about it)

Whether you are a leader with teams to support you or a leader looking for a career change, knowing your purpose or “big why” is a power tool you want to have.   It is a hallmark of the resilient leader.    In order to prioritize, maintain focus, set context for effective communication with others, and […]

A Heartfelt Look at Leadership

February’s theme takes a heartfelt look at leadership in honor of Valentine’s Day. Based on the work of Lance Secretan, Ph.D, an author of 14 books, speaker, and consultant to clients who are among Fortune’s 30 Most Admired Companies in America, we explore the most essential element of effective leadership. He believes it is inspiration, […]

Leadership Lessons from the Olympics

I admit to being hooked on the Olympics.    The four year global experience is one of my favorites, especially the winter games.  Is anyone else suffering from Olympic fatigue like I am?  Tired from staying up way too late to watch the nightly Olympic prime time line-up?  (I don’t watch the Internet updates during the […]